MotorScrubber Shock

MSSHOCK | £1,195.00


SHOCK is the lowest profile oscillating floor cleaning machine in the world. Developed over three years, it's been meticulously designed to deliver a deep clean along floors, edges, baseboards, stairs, risers, below obstacles and more.  

Packed with patented features, SHOCK is the most user-friendly machine of its kind. From an innovative MAGPlate magnetic pad holder system and quick-change weight kit, to its ergonomic GEN3 battery backpack system with added back support, every detail of SHOCK has been considered to deliver a ground breaking clean with minimal effort, every time. 

Utilising patented wall protection glide wheels with impact defence technology, Shock has been optimised to deep clean along the edges of floors, walls and baseboards as well as right into the corner of any fixtures and fittings, cleaning anywhere with extreme precision.

No need to tear off floor pads from the Velcro drive just because you want to use a different pad, carry multiple pad holders with pre fitted pads then simply drop the holder on the floor and watch it auto lock to the oscillating driver utilising strong neodymium magnets.

No extra equipment is required for Shock to be the ultimate baseboard cleaning solution. Simply turn the head to utilise the patented glide wheels for smooth and powerful vertical cleaning.

There are no off the shelf components here – the latest M20 Digital motor has been specially developed to deliver exceptional power to tackle any cleaning job. Utilising the latest oscillation technology Shock agitates deep ingrained dirt and grime to remove it from both small and medium surface areas with precision and speed.

Shock has a wide cleaning head at 243mm. This, along with the newly designed M20 digital motor providing 5,000rpm scrubbing force, Shock is the superior precision cleaning machine in the industry.

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