Cleenol are manufactures of quality cleaning & hygiene products for over 70 years

Cleenol Bactericidal MultiPurpose Cleaner 5ltr Food safe

A high quality performance product providing a high standard of cleaning, degreasing and disinfectio..


Cleenol Lift Descaler & Sanitizer - 750ml

A powerful foaming product designed for the safe and quick removal of limescale depositsEffective ag..


Cleenol Thick Bleach - 5 Litres

A high active thick bleach with added viscosity, allowing the bleach to cling to the surface for lon..


Cleenol X2 Evolution Bath & Washroom Cleaner

Effectively removes natural oils, soap deposits and general soil from baths, sinks, taps, showers, W..


Cleenol X2 Evolution Double Agent Surface Cleaner & Sanitizer EV3DA

Just add water!A general purpose cleaner and sanitizer. No need for pre-cleaning of surfaces with a ..


Cleenol X2 Evolution Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser EV2

A highly effective cleaner and degreaser for use where heavy soiling and grease are evident Thi..


Cleenol X2 Evolution Window & Stainless Steel Cleaner EV8

Just add water!Provides a streak–free finish and gets rid of finger-marks.  No matter what the..


Spray Cleaner With Bactericide - 750ml- Food safe- Envirological

An effective hard surface cleaner capable of removing a wide variety of ingrained and greasy soiling..


Apple Toilet Cleaner (5ltr)

A highly perfumed, thick green toilet cleaner with an effective descaling action that leaves toilets..


Bactericidal Floor Cleaner - 5 Litres

A powerful degreaser/cleaner containing an effective bactericide for sanitizing purposes.  The ..


Bathhroom Cleaner - 750ml Spray

An effective foam cleaner and descaler for light to medium soiling.  Ideal for cleaning and des..


Broad Spectrum Sanitizer 5L

 • Contains the powerful but safe and nontoxic biocidal preparation Sterizar.• Ideal for use on..


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