Floor Edging & Scraping

Doodle Bug Edging Tool Frame

Will work on most hard surfaces, floors and deck areas Great for domestic and professional use..


Floor Scraper Long Handled

48" handle for easy floor scraping..


Pad Handle

Ideal for; Window cleaning microfibre pads Doodlebug pads..


Scraper Blades

These blades are perfect for scraping / removing paint, glue and varnish with or without a flame...


SYR Floor Cleaning Kit

Snapper Frame Wet/Damp/Dusting Mop Drying Mop Interchangable Aluminium Handle Deck Scrubber Head..


SYR Interchange Scraper

Toughest steel blade Rust-Resistant alloy frame SYR Interchange Tuf-Ring Handle fitting..


SYR Plastic Squeegee 45cm

Socket for Interchange Tuf Ring handle Colour coded to reduce cross-contamination Choice of 2 widt..


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