ACT Original Cleaner & Descaler (5ltr)

Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action Removes limescale and organic deposits Clea..


Antistat 1

Woolsafe approved Developed as an additive with complete compatibility with Selden extraction shamp..


Break Defoamer

Prevents accumulation of foam in wet pick up tanks.  A must for carpet hot water extraction machine..


Cleenol Bactericidal MultiPurpose Cleaner 5ltr Food safe

A high quality performance product providing a high standard of cleaning, degreasing and disinfectio..


Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser 5ltr- Food Safe

✓cleans and protects all hard surfaces.✓Its synergistic blend of quaternary biocides and potentiator..


Granwax Barrier Seal

It can also be used as a precautionary measure on reclaimed wood that has been machine sanded (moist..


Granwax Ezee Black Mark Remover

Ezee Black Mark Remover easily removes stubborn black heel/shoe marking from floors Used neat or ve..


Granwax GP Base

Ideal for use on strip, block and mosaic wood flooring that has no previous history of residual wax ..


Granwax GP Excell

The advantages for contractors and end users include fast drying times, a choice of finishes (gloss,..


Granwax Hardwax Oil Clear

Easy to apply, with no sanding required between coats, and produces a water repellent treadfast fini..


Granwax Hardwax Oil Coloured

No sanding required between coats Produces a water repellent treadfast finish Easy to maintain Ex..


Granwax Jadex

General purpose neutral cleaner Multiple uses Economical to use..


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