Mopping Systems

Aluminium Kentucky Mop Handle

5 colours available Fitting attached to handle..


Becca Bin Mop

Cleaning Mop for Standard Beca-Bin..


Dual Mop

Spray the area with fluid straight from the mop handle. Once area is cleaned, flip the mop over to d..


Dual Mop Cleaning Pad

The Dual Mop cleaning pad has colour coded tabs...


Dual Mop Drying Pad

The Dual Mop cleaning pad has colour coded tabs...


Dust Mop Complete

The acrylic mop heads can be vacuumed after use are easy to launder and being synthetic are drip dry..


Dust Mop Frame

Made with 1/4" steel Metal frame is coated with a durable polymer that resists rust and prevents cr..


Dust Mop Head

Available in 3 sizes..


Freedom Socket Mop Head Midi

Made from the finest cotton fibres Looped Stitched band..


High Performance Microfibre Damp Mop 40cm (16'')

Microfibre, with its ultra fine split fibre technology, absorbs up to 8 times its own weight in dir..


Hygiene Mop Head

Looped and stay flat 50/50 mix of synthetic and cotton yarn High strength and absorbent Four colo..



Slimed down version of a normal full size scrubber-dryer with the same operational width of the deck..


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