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Airflo AF468 Paper Vacuum Bags

Multi-gusset for maximum capacity Rubber membrane for dust proof seal Double fold bottom seam for ..


Cleancraft SSM 280 Floor Scrubber Dryer

The Cleancraft SSM 280 features an innovative rotating head which is equipped with a curved vacuum r..


Cleancraft SSM 340 Floor Scrubber Dryer

Weighing in at just 9kg, the Cleancraft SSM 340 is easy to handle and highly transportable The mach..


Cleancraft SSM 410 Floor Scrubber Dryer

Floors are dried and safe to use with just one pass of the machine. The cleaning brush pressure is ..


Cleancraft SSM 550 Floor Srubber Dryer

With 160rpm speed, and heavy duty cleaning brush, tough dirt and grime will quickly be loosened and ..


Cordless iVo Power Brush XL

High torque enables you to apply pressure without it slowing down Waterproof head means you can rin..


CV 48/2 Adv

Electronic brush overload protectionIndicator light Indicator light signals when the roller brush..


DR 75C Continuous Fill Steam Cleaner

High temperature steam completely sterilises and sanitises, killing germs and bacteria It also brea..


Duplex 280 Battery Floor Cleaning Machine

Using the Battery 280 industrial floor cleaning machine is fast and simple, there are no trailing ca..


Duplex Floor Steam Cleaner

Steam is supplied to one of the contra rotating brushes and therefore floors are left sanitised and ..



Slimed down version of a normal full size scrubber-dryer with the same operational width of the deck..


iVo OrbiPro

Up to 4 hour run time 90 minute charge time Orbital speed from 1300 to 3800rpm 18v lithium-ion C..


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