Long Reach Poles

Cob Web Duster

For removal of cobwes and dust from ceilings grills etc..


Extension Pole

Tough plastic screw fit end Plastic push fit adaptor Special internal quik-twist locking system..


Microfibre Dusting Tool (no sleeve)

Removable microfibre sleeve slips onto choice of bendable alloy frame Choice of disposable and re-u..


Streamline 5.5mtr (18ft) Internal Dusting Kit

This kit allows you to connect to any standard residential vacuum cleaner to dust at height!..


SYR Extension Pole

For high up and difficult to reach windows Ideal where ladder access is difficult Lightweight and ..


SYR Heavy Duty Handles

Colour coded Handles SYR Interchange fittings Light and Strong..


SYR Studloc Extension Poles

Available in 3 different sizes Push Locking Action..


SYR Telescopic Ball-Grip Microfibre Flat Mop Handle

Extendable from 1m to 1.7m for optimum cleaning versatility Just one handle for floors, walls and wi..


SYR Telescopic Handle

Ergonomic ball-grip handle Strong, durable and lightweight alloy Just one handle for floors, walls..


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