Solupak All Purpose Cleaner (10)

This all purpose cleaner is suitable for all surfaces, it dries quickly and leaves a smear free, bri..


Solupak Anti Viral Cleaner (10 sachets)

Independently tested to EN 14476+A2:2015 The Anti Viral Cleaner is suitable for use on all surfaces ..


Solupak Biological Washroom Cleaner (10)

This washroom cleaner is for use in all areas including walls, doors, ledges, toilets, urinals, basi..


Solupak Daily Toilet Cleaner (10)

Colour coded bottles and directional caps for use with toilet cleaner red. Our bottles are made to l..


Solupak Glass Cleaner (10)

This glass cleaner works with any clean cloth, dries quickly and without residue or fragrance and ca..


Solupak Liquid Dishwash - built in rinse aid (10)

1x soluble sachet will make 5L of detergent.Suitable for use in liquid feed dishwashers with built i..


Solupak MopnGo Washroom Floor Disinfectant (50)

This non-chlorine washroom disinfectant is an effective decontaminate which works in all washroom ar..



Individual Spray Bottles for Solupak Cleaning Range..


SoluPak Surface Sanitiser Food Safe (10)

.A versatile sanitiser cleaner for use in all food areas where hygiene concerns are of paramount imp..


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