Eco friendly chemicals

Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser 5ltr- Food Safe

✓cleans and protects all hard surfaces.✓Its synergistic blend of quaternary biocides and potentiator..


Delphis Eco Cream Cleaner

 EU Ecolabel accredited cream cleaner is a non-scratch multi-purpose cleaner for use on ceramic..


Delphis Eco Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750ml

EU Ecolabel accredited toilet cleaner is designed for a daily cleaning regime to inhibit limescale, ..


Delphis Eco Foaming Oven Cleaner 750ml

Foaming oven cleaner easily removes burnt on carbon from ovens, grills and griddles. It clings well ..


Delphis Eco Limescale Remover

✓  doesn’t contain any harmful acids✓  kills germs where bacteria breed ✓  viscous cl..


Delphis Eco Washroom Cleaner 750ml

Low pH prevents limescale build-up Safe on rubber, plastic and metal surfaces..


P-Wave Easy Fresh Fan Covers 12 Pack

Easily the best room air freshener!The unique non-aerosol air freshener!•Highly fragranced•The fragr..


Spray Cleaner With Bactericide - 750ml- Food safe- Envirological

An effective hard surface cleaner capable of removing a wide variety of ingrained and greasy soiling..


Cleenol Envirological Clear Strong Washing Up Liquid

A concentrated formulation designed to cut through heavy grease and grime.  For the manual wash..


Cleenol Envirological Heavy Duty Cleaner 5 Litres

An unperfumed heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed for use in areas where a non-perfumed cleane..


Cleenol Envirological Liquid Hand Soap - 500ml

This gentle hand cleanser is formulated from renewable resources including vegetable derived surfact..


Cleenol Lift Lemon Multipurpose Cleaner - 10 Litres

Lift Lemon for the professional who cleans a multitude of surfaces. New fresh lemon fragrance.&..


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